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Our Story - Pure Blend Naturals®Affordable Skincare Brand

Pure Blend Naturals® Brand Story

How Pure Blend Naturals Was Born

Blemishes, break outs, and break downs. Break downs??? Yes, BREAK DOWNS!

 A mother’s top priority is ensuring the well-being and happiness of her children. Their smiles are an extension of her heart; their laughter is her joy. What wouldn’t you do to light up your child’s world? You know exactly what I mean! Imagine the heartbreak I experienced over not being able to remedy my son’s and daughter’s acne issue.

You name it, we tried it. My husband and I spent THOUSANDS of dollars attempting to rid our son of his plaguing break outs. We tried all sorts of skin care regimens to no avail. Over-the-counter natural and synthetic products failed to yield results. Our son’s self-esteem was dropping while my stress level was skyrocketing.

Then, as if life were playing a cruel joke on our family, blotches began popping up on my daughter’s face. This could not be happening! We were at the end of our rope. Nothing was working. Doctors were no help. Then, boom! My face begins to break out too! I didn’t know how to help my kids or myself. Or did I?

Somewhere along the line I forgot who I was. The fight for our faces eclipsed the true me. Long before the first pimple popped up, I was trained to find the solution in nature. You see, my parents were organic farmers – knowledge of herbs, plant extracts, essential oils, and carrier oils was ingrained in my upbringing.

Although young at the time, I still remember my mother teaching my siblings and me to embrace the beauty of nature and how to heal our skin and ailments with plants. If I close my eyes and allow my imagination to drift, I can still smell all her lovely homemade soaps. Did I mention that I studied Microbiology at the University? The foundation for our solution was already in me!

Enough was enough. I was determined to not waste another dime on useless skincare products. Instead, I turned to the healing power of Aloe Vera extract and Shea Butter. My parents were no longer with me, but their teachings remained in my spirit. I reached back to youthful memories to create a blend that I hoped would work.

Guess what! It did! For less than $20, we found a solution! My homemade, plant-based remedy brought tremendous improvement to my kids’ faces. The problem was their scars were still visible. Scarring and occasional break outs let me know my craft wasn’t quite perfected. Knowledge is power, so I went on a quest for more.

Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, Ontario, Vancouver, and the United States – I journeyed around the world to learn about various herbs and their uses. I met with organic farmers and gleaned from the invaluable knowledge of plant properties.

My dedication didn’t stop there. I enrolled in one of the best skincare schools in the world to begin building my expertise in skincare formulation. From there, I began working as a private label natural skincare product formulator, thus servicing some of the most well-known names in the natural beauty industry. Meanwhile, I developed over 45 natural skincare products of my own.

Returning to my “why” – the initial reason for creating skincare products – shifted things. My children experienced phenomenal results from the products I created. Their friends, who struggled with acne as well, invested in my creations and saw amazing results too! I could work under a major label OR I could allow purpose and passion to lead the way to another journey.

On August 1, 2010, I held a family meeting. I shared my vision for creating an affordable, all natural line of skincare products with high performance ingredients. Surely, there were moms besides me who ran out of options to help their kids’ skincare problems.

Undeniably, there were more individuals who needed a solution that wouldn’t drain their savings.

My family was on board! An entrepreneurial fire was ignited; Pure Blend Naturals was born.

Pure Blend Naturals® exists to improve skin wellness around the world by providing safe, affordable, and effective restorative skincare products.

Like I’m committed to the wellness and happiness of my children and family, I am equally committed to the wellness and happiness of my customers.

Our ingredients are selected from trusted organic farms around the world to ensure your well-being and satisfaction.

Trying to figure out what works is exhausting AND expensive. Don’t lose yourself in the fight!.

Pure Blend Naturals removes the guesswork from your process and restores your complexion to its original glow.

Your skin is in good hands with Pure Blend Naturals®.

Want guaranteed results for a fraction of the cost? Place your order today!.


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